Family on foot bridge during Philadelphia Family Photography Fundraiser

A huge part of  my life is centered around helping my community. I truly believe that our community is strongest when we all pitch in, especially when it comes to our children. To do my part, I am always here to support area HSA/PTA organizations, youth sports teams, and church groups. This help comes in two forms: Raffle Baskets or a Family Photography Fundraiser.

Raffle Baskets and Silent Auctions

If you are in need of raffle baskets or silent auction items for your organization’s next fundraiser event, please reach out to me! When possible, I would love to support you with a Family or Childhood Photography basket valued at over $400.

Siblings on foot bridge, smiling at camera during a Family Photography Fundraiser Event

Family “Mini Session” Photography Fundraiser

A Family Photography fundraiser is an easy and fun way to raise money for your organization! Whether you’re planning a fundraiser for a small school or a large one, or want to raise money for a sports team or missions trip, this fundraising event works in many different settings. With simple planning tools and just 1-2 parent volunteers, this event can raise meaningful funds for your organization and costs nothing to host.

Families get something of high value: a professional family portrait

Your organization sets the session fee and keeps 100%

Portrait sessions take just 10 minutes

The sessions are fun and easy

Portraits are professional quality, the same experience I delivers to all clients (learn more here!)

Session includes two (2) high resolution digital files for each participating family

Families receive an online gallery to view their proofs

Families can choose what prints or digital files they want to purchase after their session – no purchase commitment required

Pricing is transparent and comparable to typical school photography, with much better quality!

The whole event can be completed in one weekend

a family poses together during a Family Photography Fundraiser in Exton, PA


When you schedule to host a Family Photography fundraiser, I will walk you through planning, booking and hosting the event. Your event volunteers will only need to announce the dates and share the link for families to register. Families complete the sign up and make their donation using your preferred method (venmo, paypal, etc)

I can help you choose the best location for your photos to take place, somewhere easily accessible to your families AND photogenic for truly beautiful portraits. On the day of the event one or two volunteers should be on hand to check families in. Each family gets about ten minutes of time, which is all I needs to create a beautiful portrait gallery for them to choose from!

Most organizations schedule 2-3 blocks of time to accommodate as many families as possible- and scheduling can be flexible. I recommend a morning block and an afternoon block, either on the same day or spread across the weekend.. That gives families multiple options to fit their own busy schedules. Long weekends, or early dismissal days are also good times for scheduling your fundraiser.

Once all of the sessions are completed, I will email each family to share their online portrait gallery (typically 5-7 days after the event). From here, they will be able to download an image of their choice, as included in the session. They will also have the option to order additional prints or digital image downloads (they can even order their holiday cards, no matter what time of year you host the fundraiser!) Orders go straight to my lab partner and ship directly to families: nothing for the school to handle!

Example: #1: Organization A sets a session fee of $50 and hosts two 2hr blocks. 24 families are able to have a family portrait taken, and the organization earns $1200!

Example #2: Organization B sets a session fee of $60 and hosts three 2hr blocks. 36 families are able to have a family portrait taken, and the organization earns more than $2100!

I limit fundraisers to three in the fall season and three in the spring season, so if this sounds like the opportunity your organization has been looking for, please use the contact form below to reach out to me so we can begin planning! Loves this idea (along with 49 other ones!). Stop by to see their suggestions.

NOTE: The fundraising program has been updated for 2024. Please see here for most up to date info.


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