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I'm Taylor and I'm so happy to welcome you to the blog!  Here you will find family and senior session stories, behind the scenes highlights, resources, and the occasional peek behind the curtain at my life with my family in Chester County, Pa.


Sweet Friend!

Coatesville graduate sits against wall holding a sign that says "Next stop PSU"

Everyone meet Jayda! She is a member of the class of 2024 from Coatesville High School and an absolute star. She is smart, kind, talented, and on her way to Penn State to study nursing in the fall. Truly- she is the type of graduate that makes my job as a Coatesville Senior Photographer a […]

Family Photographer | Taylor Verner Photography

As a family photographer, one of the common questions I hear is “How do I plan family photos?” I get it- the idea of wrestling my kids and husband into nice clothes on a Saturday afternoon sounds overwhelming for me too! So, let’s ease those worries and jump into some tips to ensure your family […]

Spring Outfits for Kids with a Family Photographer in Chester County, PA

Hey there, fellow parents and photo enthusiasts! As a seasoned family and childhood photographer who’s navigated the charming landscapes of Chester County, I’m excited to share insights on capturing the magic of family moments throughout the seasons. Buckle up for a journey through spring blooms, summer sun, autumn hues, and winter wonder in this guide […]

Chester County Family Photographer | Family Portrait Session at Upland Farms Park in Chester County, PA.

Hey there, fellow parents! As a Chester County family photographer who’s had the pleasure of freezing countless heartwarming moments, I’m thrilled to guide you through the enchanting world of family photography in Chester County, PA. Nestled amid picturesque landscapes and historic treasures, Chester County provides the perfect backdrop for creating timeless memories with your little […]

Why Everyone Needs Family Photos, Siblings Hug in front of a lake

Parenting is a wild ride! Sleepless nights, determined toddlers, sassy tweens. When every day seems to blend into the next, capturing special moments with your loved ones becomes so important. Today, let’s chat about family photography and uncover the reasons why freezing those fleeting moments in time is not just a nicety but an essential […]

Family on foot bridge during Philadelphia Family Photography Fundraiser

A huge part of  my life is centered around helping my community. I truly believe that our community is strongest when we all pitch in, especially when it comes to our children. To do my part, I am always here to support area HSA/PTA organizations, youth sports teams, and church groups. This help comes in […]

Chester County Photography, Taylor Verner

‘Twas the season, just two days before Christmas, as I pulled into Upland Farms Park in Chester Springs, PA, ready to capture the holiday spirit of a local family. The weather surprised with its warmth for late December, especially considering the bitter cold with which the day had started. This created the perfect backdrop for […]