Addie leaning against the bridge railing, her face illuminated by the warm sunset light

I had the immense pleasure of photographing Addie, a 2025 senior from Downingtown East High School, for her sunset senior pictures at Baird Park in Exton, PA. Addie, a member of the Varsity Cheer Team, is quiet, sweet, and simply lovely. Her natural grace and elegance made this session truly special.

Sunset Senior Pictures: Session Highlights

The evening was perfect, with the sun setting in a warm, golden hue that cast a dramatic and beautiful light over the park. Baird Park provided a stunning backdrop with its lush greenery and serene atmosphere. This setting complemented Addie’s serene personality perfectly. The combination of her sweet demeanor and the warm, dramatic sunset created some of the most memorable portraits I’ve ever captured.

As a senior photographer, there’s something magical about capturing the start of a young person’s journey. Addie’s session was no exception. Her gentle smile and the way she lit up in front of the camera were a joy to photograph. We explored various spots in the park. Open fields bathed in golden light and intimate, shaded corners offered perfect settings. The sun peeked through the trees, creating a soft, ethereal glow around Addie.

One of my favorite moments from the session was when Addie commented on how awkward she felt. She had come into the session feeling nervous and apprehensive. She was uncertain about how the pictures would turn out. When I showed her a couple of the images we had just taken, her face lit up with delight. She exclaimed, “That’s actually so pretty!” Seeing her gain confidence and appreciate her own beauty was incredibly rewarding.

I love how these senior portraits turned out. I feel honored to have been a small part of Addie’s senior journey. Her sunset senior pictures at Baird Park are a testament to her lovely personality and the exciting path that lies ahead for her.

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